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Explore the best Shoes of USA in Easy Clicks

Once you know them, making a mistake becomes almost impossible.In fact, the metric system did not exist when shoemakers started making shoes. They used the “Paris point”, which equals 0.666cm.  This way of measuring has spread all over Europe, with the exception of the United States and Italy, which use their own measure.

And that has not changed since! But do not worry, I’ll show you how to get around this difficulty so you can order shoes without trying them, no matter what measure you use. At your ribbon meters.

The Length Of The Foot

It’s about measuring your foot, from the end of your heel to the end of your larger toe.

If you are alone, measuring your foot can be complex (and asking a friend to measure your foot can be a bit odd).There is a solution: m unite yourself with a sheet of paper and put your foot on it. Make a pencil mark at both measurement points.

Measuring foot

Measure the distance between the two and VOILÀ. Now that you have this measurement, let’s see the equivalence table.

Tables And Equivalences: Choose Size According To Your Measurements

Thanks to this table, you can now know which size of shoes to choose, whatever the measure used (if it is not indicated on the site, do not hesitate to send a mail).That’s it, you know everything about the equivalence of shoe sizes! But what if you have the opportunity to try the pair before you buy it?

Details That Show You That Shoes Are The Right Size

When trying on shoes in store, pay attention to the following points to make sure they fit you like a glove.

  1. For the width: your foot must be maintained, but not crushed (the leather shoes will relax).
  2. For the length: your toes should not touch the tip of the shoe (or barely).
  3. Last detail: You have flashed on shoes but they only exist in one half-size / one size above yours? No problem: It is better to have a shoe too big than too small, since small techniques such as the use of an anti-slide can earn you almost a size.

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